09 February 2024

Promotional Products Can't Change the World Right? Wrong!

Many people have a visceral reaction to promotional products. The debate around promotional products' effectiveness and environmental impact often generates a heated discussion. It's a valid conversation, especially in an age where sustainability isn't just a buzzword but a business imperative.

Critics argue that promotional products create unnecessary waste, contributing to our planet's growing environmental problems. While there's truth to the argument that poorly thought-out, low-quality items can end up in landfills, this is only part of the story. To judge such a diverse media by its worst examples is an oversight of its potential for positive impact.

Let's explore how promotional products, when used strategically, can be a powerful force for good – generating impressive business outcomes, driving social change, and even supporting conservation efforts.

Our Impactful Campaigns Speak Volumes

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We proudly saved a 65,000-acre forest in British Columbia by using creative T-shirts as promotional products. These tangible items raised awareness and mobilized support for preserving our natural environment. It took us many years, but we did it, with 1000s of people proudly supporting our message as walking, talking, and interactive billboards for good. The forest is saved forever! (the park is on the left side of the arm of the lake in the title photo).

Saving Forests with Creative T-Shirts

Forests of the west arm provincial park as seen from the air

Our game, printed on a promotional product fridge magnet, exceeded expectations by reducing CO2 emissions by an impressive 400% over the initial target. This creative approach engaged individuals in a fun yet impactful way towards a sustainable future.

Reducing CO2 Emissions with a Game on a Fridge Magnet

A game printed on a large fridge magnet, and promotional products including a water powered calculator, a bicycle reflector, and a button.

In 2008, we initiated a movement towards sustainable marketing by raising awareness about the global amphibian extinction crisis. A simple T-shirt and a dedicated website sparked conversations and inspired action for environmental conservation.

From Awareness to Action: The Amphibian Extinction Crisis

an organic cotton t-shirt printed with a frog hugging the earth with the words "Save Me"

By printing creative messages on frisbees, we successfully reduced residential water use, particularly in instances of overwatering lawns. This practical approach not only saved water but also promoted responsible environmental practices.

Water Conservation through Creative Frisbee Printing

A promotional product frisbee printed with instructions to reduce water consumption

Our strategic use of branded merchandise led to a remarkable increase in sales by up to 300% for a non-profit festival. These products not only boosted revenue but also fostered community engagement and support.

Amplifying Sales for Non-Profit Festivals with Branded Merch

Branded merch for the Edmonton Folk Music Festival including, printed t-shirts, embroidered hats, bandanas, tank tops, jackets, bags and chairs

Through a thoughtful combination of a flashlight and a creative card, we compelled business leaders to take action against family violence. This impactful campaign shed light on a crucial social issue and inspired meaningful change, so much so it was used as an example in jurisdictions nationwide.

Mobilizing Business Leaders Against Family Violence

A promotional product flashlight mounted on a card that reads "Now that we've shared some facts about light, let's shed some light on the facts"

During a challenging labour crisis, our unique photo album played a pivotal role in recruiting three senior engineers to Canada. This personalized approach showcased our commitment to both clients and prospective talent. The product was useful and reusable.

Recruiting Talent during a Labour Crisis with a Special Photo Album

A photo album digitally printed with a mountain scene in sepia

Targeting a select group of 20 individuals, our campaign generated an astounding 6000% return in the first year with the clever use of a magnifying glass. This exemplifies the potential of promotional products to deliver tangible business outcomes.

Achieving Remarkable ROI with a Magnifying Glass

A brass magnifying glass inset into a card that reads " Perhaps it's time to take a closer look at how you use promotional products"

By distributing car magnets, we effectively reduced on-site accidents to zero, significantly decreasing insurance costs for our clients. This practical application of promotional products highlights their multifaceted benefits beyond traditional marketing.

Enhancing Safety and Reducing Costs with Car Magnets

A vehicle magnet on the door of a pickup truck

In conclusion, creativity and promotional products have an inherent ability to captivate and engage individuals on a deep level. When used as props for storytelling, they can immerse people in narratives that resonate with their experiences and values, creating memorable and impactful moments. These items serve as physical reminders of the stories they represent and also as enduring symbols of the lessons they impart. Furthermore, when these products are used as incentives, they have the potential to motivate actions that contribute to positive change. By inspiring the first steps towards a better world, creativity and promotional products can act as catalysts for transformation, encouraging individuals and communities to embark on journeys towards sustainability, awareness, and collective betterment. Through the power of engaging storytelling and tangible rewards, we can encourage incremental progress that, step by step, builds a path to a more hopeful and resilient future.

At least that's how we use them!

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A promotional product mug with arms holding a hammer and a board

The Secret to Promotional Products Success in Edmonton

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