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Reduce your event print costs by up to 100%, get better leads & save more trees.

That's good because trees eat carbon for lunch!

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The Problem with Trade Shows & Events:

Exhibiting is Expensive

Brochures and catalogues cost a lot of money to print, and even more to ship.  

If you are like most exhibitors, you find it less expensive to leave unused print material behind instead of shipping it home after an event. This all too common practice wastes money, trees, and increases your carbon footprint.

GreenTexts™ allows attendees to digitally receive what they want from you by simply texting a single word.

There is Little Accountability

A significant number of brands have no idea which events or channels are producing their best results. If you have more than one offer, you have no idea who put what in their show bag, so marketing ends up having to rely on a single message for all approach which rarely lands with anyone.

Our apps were designed to allow your prospects to self-segment, so you know who is interested in what. The result is a clearly defined and segmented list at the end of each event, and a shorter sales cycle.

They Produce a Lot of Waste

Venues are grappling with the problem of post-show waste. The average overall waste generated per venue is an astounding 1115 Metric tonnes. (2017 Green venue report). Print collateral is a significant part of this waste.

Our apps reduce the amount of paper you need to print per event, and we can also help you source reusable, re-purposed and recycled displays, lanyards, show bags, and swag.

Together we can tackle the problem and reduce our collective footprint.

How we help


Reduce your print and shipping costs by printing less. 

GreenTexts™ allows individuals to choose to receive your marketing collateral digitally, then enter your marketing funnel via a simple text. 

Show Strategy & Followup

Attention is easy. What's more important is keeping the right people engaged after your event until they are ready to join you, buy from you, or rave about you.

We have seven national marketing awards for helping enterprises like yours make a difference.


Reduce your stack of paper to a single tappable chip on your table.

Visitors tap the chip with their phone and then choose what assets they want to receive while also joining your list.

Displays, Uniforms & Swag

We can produce all the moving parts for your next event.

Need displays, lanyards, bags, apparel, or swag? 

 There is no need to go anywhere else, and we can build trackable intelligence into each of your products.

SimpleLeads™ Smart Pages

Focus your budget, where it generates the best returns.  

Take the guesswork out of which events and marketing channels are providing your best leads, by allowing attendees to self-qualify and self-segment. 

Trackable Swag™

We can supply you with the same shiny things as anyone else.

The difference is, we turn your swag into individually trackable leads instead of expensive giveaways. 

Now you can know with confidence if and where your swag is working best.

Let's make your future events greener and more profitable.

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