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Sustainable merch combined with strategy to create an award-winning sustainable marketing piece to draw attention the amphibian extinction crisis.

B2B catalogues consume 46 million trees every year. *

The global events industry has a carbon footprint equal to the United States. **

Waste is the greatest challenge to sustainable marketing

The Most Significant Issue Facing Marketing & Events Today is Waste

By reducing waste, you increase profit. It's that simple!

Waste drains time, money and resources, not to mention its impact on our planet.

We are a full-service sustainable marketing agency based in Edmonton, celebrating 33 years of making a difference in communities, our environment, and your bottom line.

Our mission is to make marketing more sustainable for your budget because it works and is sustainable for our planet by providing more sustainable promotional products and branded merch options.

Less Waste For Your Budget & For Our Planet

Our greatest sustainable marketing win- saving a 65,000-acre forest which is now the West Arm Provincial Park in BC, Canada

Unlike many others, we are not jumping on the green marketing bandwagon; we virtually built it when we helped save a 65000-acre forest three decades ago. Sustainable marketing is not about just choosing greener materials. It's about smarter marketing as well. After all, marketing needs to work first to sustain your budget long-term.  It should also be sustainable for our planet by reducing the number of catalogues and brochures you print and by choosing greener options for incentives, rewards & recognition.

30+ Years of Sustainable Marketing Experience

4 of the promotions combined custom branded merch & promotional products with our strategies, which led to amazing marketing results & national awards.

We love the power of promotional products to break through the clutter to tell your story and remind people how you made them feel when we touched them with your story.

However, our story isn't limited to promotional products. We believe that for marketing to be sustainable, it must be sustainable for our planet and your budget. That's where strategy comes in. Check out some of our wins here.

We also offer Edmonton businesses greener gifting options, such as planting trees instead of handing out plastic swag, sustainable clothing made from organic or recycled materials, and sustainable custom-branded promotional products and festival merch.

Sustainable Marketing Strategies for Promotional Products & Branded Merch

A t-shirt that launches our sustainable event app by tapping the sleeve with a smart phone.

For live, in-person events, our SimpleLeads™ event apps help exhibitors reduce print costs by up to 100% while segmenting leads at the end of each show so you know exactly who was interested in what. Double your conversion rates, shorten your sales cycle, and reduce your footprint with SimpleLeads™

Get Better-Segmented Leads at Trade Shows and Networking Events

Grow your audience, get better leads, & reduce your carbon footprint with GreenShows, the sustainable hybrid and virtual events platform that plants trees.

Our GreenShows™ hybrid & virtual events platform makes the business case for sustainable events by ensuring you waste less money and produce less physical waste. Each event plants 5-10 trees for each virtual booth we build; they are less expensive than live shows, can expand your audience geographically, and can help you leverage your speaker budget to attract more talent for the same price. All while creating a significantly smaller carbon footprint. In fact, we offset our virtual events by 1kg/person/hour/ of video served.

Grow Your Audience Sustainably With Hybrid & Virtual Events 

Let's work together to reduce the impact of marketing as usual on your pocketbook and our planet!

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A pristine forest that could be saved by sustainable marketing practices

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