The virtual event platform that also plants trees

We offset the server footprint by 1KG/hour/ person served. We plant five trees per exhibitor booth and offer trees as gifts to replace plastic swag.

A screenshot on a laptop showing a custom lobby for the 10PIX Innovation Xchange hosted on our Green Shows virtual and hybrid events platform
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Green Shows Hybrid & Virtual Events

Green Shows Hybrid & Virtual

Events Platform Features

Video Networking Tables & Speed Networking 


Green Shows offers face-to-face networking events and meetings with 10 to 10,000 individuals. 

Video tables can be configured with 2-person private chats to 15-person round-tables.

Attendees can freely move between tables, or we can enable speed networking.

Each table can be branded with the hosts' company or sponsor logo.

A screenshot of our virtual event video networking tables that can seat up to 16 people per table.

Live and on-demand, Single or Multiple Parallel Sessions


Live sessions for speakers, panels, live questions, yes/no polls, group & direct chat.

Invite attendees to the stage to ask questions.

Backstage training area for speakers.

Parallel sessions are available in conference mode.

A screenshot of a virtual event stage in session.

Branded Lobby, Registration Page & Networking Lounge


Each Green Shows lobby is branded and customized with the widgets you choose.

There are multiple opportunities for messaging, reminders, and sponsor visibility.

Countdown timers build buzz and open sign-in when they reach zero.

A screenshot of a custom lobby we created for the Edmonton Folk Music Festival on our GreenShows virtual and hybrid event platform

Reproduce Chance Meetings


Approximate those chance encounters by moving your avatar through virtual spaces.

As you approach others, your sound and video turn on.

We can create a background like a cocktail party, a main street, or even a treasure map.

A screenshot of networking by moving your avatar through virtual space to approximate chance meetings at an in-person networking event

On-demand Content

Include on-demand content to build buzz before your show. Includes analytics to inform you who is consuming what and which content is most popular.

Host post-show recordings in your custom virtual lobby for up to 6 months after your event.*

*Additional costs may apply

An on demand button for content on demand thast can be served immediately after a speaker leaves stage or for evergreen content purposes.

Hosted & 24/7 Support


All Green Shows events include a backstage host, and technical support is included with each event.

A screenshot of the 24/7 support table that is included with each event.

High audience engagement and retention rates


Our last two Green Shows events had an 89% audience retention rate. One of those events lasted 6 1/2 hours with 13 speakers.

A photo of a highly engaged audience

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• Table-Top Sales Shows

• Awards Ceremony

• Rep Show


• Product Preview Show

• Town Hall

• Panel Discussion

• Networking Event

• Employee Appreciation Party

• Skill Demonstrations

• Short Film Festival

• Trade Show

• Job Fair

• Speaker Series

• Conference


Virtual Events Use Cases

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Hybrid & Virtual Events FAQ:

1. What are virtual and hybrid events?

Virtual events are entirely online, where attendees participate through a digital platform. Hybrid events combine in-person attendance with virtual participation, allowing for a broader audience reach.

2. How do hybrid & virtual events benefit businesses?

These events can significantly extend your business's reach, reduce costs related to travel and venues, and offer analytics on attendee engagement.

3. Can virtual and hybrid events be as effective as in-person events?

Absolutely. With interactive features like live Q&A, networking tables, and high-quality streaming, these events can provide a compelling and effective experience.

4. What technology is needed to host a virtual or hybrid event?

You'll need a reliable virtual event platform like GreenShows, strong internet connectivity, quality streaming equipment for live content, and technical support.

5. How do you keep attendees engaged during virtual and hybrid events?

Interactive elements such as video networking tables, live polls, and breakout rooms for discussions help keep engagement levels high.

6. Are there environmental benefits to hosting virtual and hybrid events?

Yes, they reduce the carbon footprint by minimizing travel and can contribute to sustainability efforts, such as planting trees for each event hosted.

7. Can virtual and hybrid events cater to large groups?

They are highly scalable, hosting anywhere from 10 to 10,000 participants through various sessions and networking opportunities.

8. How do you ensure networking at virtual and hybrid events?

Features like video networking tables allow attendees to move freely between tables, enabling face-to-face interactions within the digital space. Speed networking pairs attendees randomly and is a lot of fun.

9. How long can content from virtual and hybrid events be available online?

Content can be hosted post-event for extended access, typically up to 6 months, allowing attendees to revisit sessions at their convenience.

10. How do you measure the success of virtual and hybrid events?

Utilize the platform's analytics to track attendee engagement, session attendance, and interaction levels to assess the event's impact and areas for improvement.

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