David completed his Foundation of Event Sustainability designation
Our offices have been Bullfrog (sustainable) Powered since 2008
Founding member of M.U.S.E. (Members United for Sustainable Events)
Member of Edmonton's Corporate Climate Leadership Program
SME member of Canadian Businesses for Social Responsibility
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While in a town, he would go to a store and ask them if they would carry his t-shirts; he would promote them to a new audience at the universities, thus bringing in a new market to their stores. All they had to do was keep the petition and letter campaigns going.  

After five gruelling years on the road, 180 stores nationwide carried his merchandise, and tens of thousands of petition signatures were submitted. Then Dave secured funding from Aveda to produce a video on the threatened forest. That seemed to tip the scales, and his campaign was instrumental in establishing the West Arm Provincial Park.  

The forest would be protected forever.  

Then businesses started asking Dave to create branded merchandise, so he did. And then came uniforms, festival t-shirts, and promotional products. The company grew rapidly, but something was missing: the kinds of results Dave had created with the park. We watched our customers waste money on the newest shiny marketing things with little or no results. So, we introduced them to the unique, compassionate approach that helped create the park.  

Soon, we delivered massive results and were recognized with seven national marketing awards. But that did not stop us from innovating to create better customer results.

Last year, we launched our SimpleLeads™ family of apps to help our customers capture better-qualified leads, reduce their event print costs by up to 100%, and save trees at every event.

During the pandemic, we created GreenShows™, our virtual & hybrid event platform dedicated to keeping people and events working. Our latest project is GreenMeets™, virtual networking to connect those who are dedicated to making their organizations or industries more sustainable.

In 1990, one of the last great stands of Canada's temperate interior rainforest, outside of Nelson B.C., was slated to be clear-cut logged. It would create a few jobs for a few years. A large part of the community turned up to block the road.

Our unique origin story began when our founder, David Betke, put his talents towards creating a satirical line of t-shirts and using them to raise awareness and support a national petition drive and a letter-writing campaign. He travelled across Canada more than a dozen times, visiting universities, gathering signatures and promoting a letter-writing campaign.

Our Story - The Branded Merch Company That Saved a 65000-Acre Forest

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