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Our Most Recent Win  

Objective: To preserve significant wetlands, beaches and spawning creek as a park.  

Strategy: Donated website design and hosting, copywriting, strategy, and print design for brochures.  

Results: The Crawford Creek Regional Park 

An aerial photo of the Crawford Creek Regional Park

City of Edmonton LocalMotion Project 

Objective: This pilot project aimed to reduce CO2 emissions by compelling individuals to reduce single-passenger vehicle use by 100 km in 30 days.  

Strategy: The campaign involved two phases. The first phase involved creating awareness and developing a baseline from which to measure. The second phase concentrated on incentives, rewards, and the tools participants would need to be successful.  

Results: Approximately 12% of the community participated in the 30-day challenge. The average km reduction was 400km (4X the 100km target). Estimated CO2 reductions exceeded four metric tonnes.  

PPPC National Marketing Award: Second consecutive gold in green marketing  

A magnet printed with a game aimed at reducing single-passenger vehicle use. Also other incentives such as a water powered calculator.

Alberta Council of Women's Shelters 

Objective: To deliver sensitive information regarding spousal abuse and the plight of women's shelters to a group of male business leaders.  

Strategy: Created a unique Dimensional Advertising™ piece given to business leaders at an event.  

Results: The promotion was so successful it was repeated in two other jurisdictions in Alberta and then used as an example to 40 different women's shelters nationwide.  

PPPC National Marketing Award: Silver 

A dimensional advertising piece that was so successful it was repeated in 40 different women's shelters nationwide.

Avatar Brand Management Launch  

Objective: To introduce a new branded service to a small target group of high-value prospects.  

Strategy: Created a unique Dimensional Advertising™ piece with a two-part sequence and sent it to 20 prospects.  

Results: A 6000% return on investment within six months.  

PPPC National Marketing Award: Silver 

A trifold dimensional advertising piece with a magnifying glass inset with the tagline "Perhaps it's time to take a closer look at how you use promotional products"

West Arm Provincial Park  

Objective: It was nothing less than to preserve an endangered forest forever in the interior of B.C..  

Strategy: Involved recruiting a nation of unlikely advocates. See our story

Results: The 65,000-acre West Arm Provincial Park is a testament to six years of dedication.  It's not a marketing award, but we think you'll agree it's so much more important than that.

An aerial photo of the forest of the West Arm Provincial Park

Frogfriendly.ca Launch  

Objective: To raise awareness about the global amphibian extinction crisis and to be part of the solution by increasing our sales of sustainable marketing materials.  

Strategy: Launched frogfriendly.ca website and promoted the new vertical with a unique, very green, Dimensional Advertising™ piece. Launched Canada's first green brand management resource.  

Results: The new vertical added six figures in sales but also started a movement- the leap towards sustainable marketing.

PPPC National Marketing Award: Canada's First Gold in Green Marketing  

An organic cotton t-shirt printed with the year of the frog with a corn pen dye cut into a card that explained how many resources the piece conserved compared to traditional marketing methods.

EBA Engineering Consultants  

Objective: To attract two senior engineers to Canada and a client's consulting firm during a labour crisis.  

Strategy: Created a unique Dimensional Advertising™ piece which targeted 12 individuals.

Results: Seven came to Canada for interviews. Our client hired three.  

PPPC National Marketing Award: Gold ECMA National Recruitment Marketing Award

A custom photo album welcoming overseas engineers to Canada in a recruitment program that had a 25% conversion rate leading to the recruitment of three senior engineers.

Edmonton Folk Music Festival

Objective: To maximize revenue merchandising a major music festival.  

Strategy: We targeted three key demographics.  

Results: Merchandise sales increased by as much as 300% in some categories.  

PPPC National Marketing Award: Gold  

First national marketing award for merchandise we created for the Edmonton Folk Music Festival

The advertising industry loves to hand out pieces of glass and pat each other on the back for their brilliant creativity, but we believe all our awards are meaningless unless they are for creating results for people like you.  

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