A campaign using an assortment of promotional products included a printed t-shirt and a corn pen to promote the year of the frog for Edmonton Valley Zoo

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If I could give Andrea & David a zillion-star review, I would! A 5-star review doesn't do them justice for the quality of ideas, care, products, efficiency, competitive pricing, communication, and PATIENCE! Do Better Marketing is a local Edmonton company. Such a wonderful experience with uniforms, promo wear, mech for staff, promo ideas and all!

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Unmatched Quality


Our branded merch is of unmatched quality, ensuring that your promotional products make a lasting impression. That's why many of our customers have trusted us with their brands for decades.

Our promotional products and branded merch in Edmonton include this Edmonton Folk Music Festival Blanket

Strategic Use


It's not just about the products you choose; it's about how you use them. We'll guide you on the strategic use of promotional products to ensure a memorable campaign that delivers results.

A recruitment marketing campaign included this custom imaged promotional photo album. A road leading into the mountains was printed in sepia on the album cover.

Proven Success


With 7 national marketing awards, our approach to branded merch in Edmonton and beyond has been proven successful time and time again.

This smart t-shirt DTF printed in Edmonton launches an app when you tap your phone on the sleeve.

How About Sustainable Products?

For decades, we have been helping small businesses, festivals, and non-profits improve their promotional products and branded merch sourcing. We also focus on reducing waste in your marketing processes through better strategy and targeting, which is good for our planet and your budget.

How Else Can You Help Me?

We have been making the business case for sustainable marketing for decades. Our strategies, Simple Leads™ event app and our Green Shows™ hybrid & virtual event platform help you get better results with less impact on our planet.

Can't I Buy Swag Cheaper Online

If you are looking to reduce the cost of waste, then online shopping is an option. However, the online suppliers are just selling products, not the instructions on how to use them best to get results. We have 30+ years of experience helping Edmonton businesses get results with promotional products

But will this work for my specific business?

Our approach is tailored to fit the unique needs of locally owned small businesses, festivals, and non-profits in Edmonton. We understand the local market and will work closely with you to ensure success.  


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