SimpleLeads NFC embedded sticker that launches our simpleLeads app or any link you would like opened with a tap.
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Instead of printing paper catalogues and brochures at your next show, consider using a GreenTaps™ sticker or t-shirt.

When your customer taps it with their phone, our Simple Leads™ app launches and displays a list of your brochures on their screen.

Attendees can then choose which ones they want to receive digitally, and you will receive a list of segmented leads after the show.

Imagine the impact of shortening your sales cycle and reducing your customer acquisition costs while also saving trees and money.

A t shirt with an NFC chip embedded in the sleeve and a QR code printed on back. Either launches our SimpleLeads sustainable events app

Saves Money & Trees While Segmenting Leads

Simple Leads Sustainable Events App

The in-person trade show app that saves money & trees

• B2B catalogues consume 46 million trees every year

• logging this many trees disrupts a land area larger than the state of Rhode Island every year

• uses enough energy to power 67 million residential refrigerators for one year  

• produces co2 emissions equal to almost 4 million cars driven annually

• uses the amount of water used by 39 million residential clothes washers every year

• produces solid waste equal to the trash created by 1.7 million people. That's the residential trash created by a city the size of Montreal every year

Emerald's Elastic Suite's Global Impact of Printing

*Environmental impact estimates were made using the Environmental Paper Network Paper Calculator Version 4.0. For more information, visit:

Cutting B2B Catalogue Production By Half

is the carbon equivalent of removing 2 million vehicles from the road yearly

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How Does Simple Leads™ Work?


The SimpleLeads™ app is a user-friendly web app launched on demand by booth visitors. It allows event attendees to see what the booth offers for print collateral (brochures & catalogues) and opt to receive your marketing material digitally- saving trees and the backache of hauling 100s of catalogues around the show floor.

At the end of the event, the exhibitor receives a segmented list of exactly who was interested in each of your offers. Automatic segmentation can significantly reduce the duration of your sales cycle and time to profit.


What Are the Advantages of the App for Exhibitors at In-Person and Hybrid Events?


Save Money 

SimpleLeads™ can reduce your print costs and paper usage by up to 100% by delivering any print assets to booth exhibitors on demand. Technology makes more environmentally friendly exhibiting and post-show follow-up easy.

Reduce Deforestation and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Our SimpleLeads™ app makes reducing the impact of your printed materials on our planet and your budget more manageable. Create a green events strategy; start with SimpleLeads and reduce deforestation and your carbon footprint.

Receive a List of Engaged Segmented Leads Post-Show

Who doesn't love leads already engaged, expressing interest and segmented by interest?

Increase Brand Loyalty

Customers prefer brands that demonstrate their commitment to social and environmental issues. In recent years, customers have become more conscious about the impact of their purchasing decisions on the world around them. As a result, they are increasingly seeking brands that demonstrate their commitment to social and environmental issues. Go green and feel the love!

Reduce Sales-Cycle & Time-to-Profit

SimpleLeads™ provides leads that have already moved to the research phase of the marketing funnel. They have a need, are looking for solutions, and are now considering you.

Lead segmentation reduces the time it takes to convert a lead by allowing you to target your messaging and offers more effectively. This makes the messaging more relevant and compelling to each prospect, leading to higher engagement and faster conversion rates. By streamlining the lead nurturing process and delivering more personalized and relevant marketing messages, segmentation can help your business turn leads into customers more efficiently and effectively. 



Why is it essential for event planners to choose sustainable event software?

Choosing a sustainable event app like SimpleLeads is essential for event planners who want to minimize the environmental impact of their next event. By reducing paper waste, carbon emissions, and the energy used, event planners can create a more sustainable events industry and demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability.

How can the Simple Leads™ trade show app contribute to a more sustainable events industry?

Our app is an excellent tool for making events more sustainable. By reducing the reliance on paper-based guides and brochures, the SimpleLeads™ app helps minimize the environmental impact of events on future generations. For every new user that signs up, a tree is planted, making it a greener app committed to a sustainable future.

What is the future of sustainable event apps?

The future of sustainable event apps is bright, and therefore, there is a need for more eco-friendly and sustainable event management software. The use of mobile technology is increasing, and as such, more event planners are expected to adopt sustainable event apps. In 2023, sustainable event apps like SimpleLeads will become integral to events, creating a greener and more sustainable events industry.

What is the Simple Leads™ Sustainable Events App?


Our Simple Leads™ event application promotes sustainability by eliminating up to 100% of exhibitor print expenses, preserving trees, and providing a segmented list of leads after the event to expedite your sales cycle. It can be hosted on a tablet or launched on attendees' smartphones by tapping a GreenTaps™ NFC enabled sticker on your table or via a GreenTaps™ T-shirt worn by a booth host.

a graphic showing that our SimpleLeads app can save money and trees and preserve wildlife habitat

Emerald's Elastic Suite estimates that printing B2B catalogues uses 46.3 million trees annually!

Simple Leads™ is our event app dedicated to promoting sustainability in the event industry. With Simple Leads™, exhibitors no longer have to spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on print materials for their booths. Instead, they can showcase their brand and products on the app, including all images, brochures, videos, and clickable links.

Simple Leads™ not only saves exhibitors money on print expenses but helps preserve trees by reducing the need for paper materials. Going paperless with SimpleLeads™ events can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and habitat destruction associated with deforestation.

Furthermore, Simple Leads™ generates a segmented list of leads after the event, allowing exhibitors to quickly follow up with potential customers and shorten their sales cycle. This feature also enables event organizers to gather data on attendees and provide better insights for future events.

Problems the Simple Leads™ App Solves 


The Opportunity Cost of Trade Show Exhibiting

Participating in a single trade show can easily incur a five-figure cost when you factor in expenses like renting space, displays, printed materials, giveaways, lodging, and travel. Moreover, there's usually a missed opportunity cost of being away from the office during the event. You're risking a significant investment if you multiply this by several events yearly.

Business owners and managers closely monitor expenses and demand accountability from their teams.

Unqualified and Non-Segmented Leads

While a great show can generate substantial traffic and exposure, people forget your key messages as they wander the aisle. They might not even recall your brand when they leave the show floor. 

Expensive badge scanning systems merely collect attendees' badge information and produce a list at the show's end. Unfortunately, these systems only work if someone agrees to let you scan their badge. Many attendees find this practice intrusive, and fewer allow themselves to be scanned. Even if they are scanned, you receive a list of people who attended your booth but no information concerning their interest level or who was interested in which of your products or offers. So, only a fraction of these leads are qualified, segmented, or sales-ready. Most are top-of-funnel at best, resulting in even more expenses for post-show follow-up.

Missed Post-Show Followup

After attending an exhibition, exhibitors often return to their office and become so preoccupied with catching up on work that they fail to follow up with leads properly. As a result, potential business opportunities may be missed, and leads may become uninterested. 

Paper Waste & Printing Costs

Don't get us started on paper waste. Due to cost-saving measures, some exhibitors dispose of unused print materials rather than shipping them back to their offices. This is an enormous waste of money and trees, even if you are using recycled materials.

Shockingly, an average of 1115 Metric tonnes of waste is generated per venue, as reported in 2017's Green Venue Report. Printed materials contribute significantly to this waste, and the carbon footprint of discarded catalogues and plastic swag is significant.

We saw the problem, so we created SimpleLeads™.

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