Greenshows is great!  I would highly recommend Green Shows.  Dave and Andrea are wonderful to work with.  From the speaker training and support backstage to the booth set up, to technical support on the day of, our speakers, exhibitors, teachers and students had a safe, secure and fantastic conference experience.  Students loved the engagement - interactive and real-time speaker feedback with emojis and Q&A.  Students said it was easy to navigate between speaker sessions and to and from exhibit booths.  Teachers loved the networking tables. Great job Green Shows!

Dagmar Knutson
Executive DirectorTen Peaks Innovation Alliance Inc.
A truck with a special magnet in it's door.

Better Strategy


It all begins with a better strategy. When it comes to branded merch and promotional products, we like to think a bit differently. Instead of tempting you with the latest sparkly thing on the shelf, we're all about getting real results that make you smile. We start by getting cozy with your goals – what's the message you're itching to spread, and what do you want folks to do when they get a hold of your awesome product? Then, we put on our detective hats to determine the smartest way to see if we're hitting the mark. Because here's the thing: we're big fans of creating magic without the mess. We're all about making lasting connections and bringing joy without adding to the pile of forgettable freebies. It's all about making sure every piece of merch tells your story in a way that's as thoughtful as it is impactful. So, let's create something memorable together, shall we? 

A trifold card with a flat flashlight mounted. There is a light beam printed emanating from the flashlight. Text reads, "Now that we've shared some facts about light... Let;s shed some light on the facts.

Better Results


At the heart of what we do, there's a simple belief: amazing results come from mixing a bit of magic in strategy, sprinkling some quality excellence, and finishing it off with a technology solution that feels like it was made just for you. Think of us as your guide through the maze of challenges, with a map (our strategy) that leads straight to success. We're sticklers for quality because we know it makes all the difference, ensuring everything we deliver is top-notch. And because we know one size doesn't fit all, we're all about customizing our tech to fit like a glove with your needs. It's this special blend of strategy, quality, and tailor-made technology that we believe sets us apart - and we're excited to share it with you for brighter, better outcomes.

Edmonton Folk Music Festival blanket printed in full colour with past festival posters

Better Quality


We cut our teeth printing t-shirts decades ago and haven't stopped improving. Why else would the Edmonton Folk Music Festival choose us as their merch partner for 20+ years? Choosing us for your t-shirt printing and promotional products needs means opting for unmatched quality, meticulous attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to customer happiness. We understand that these items are not just products; they reflect your brand, message, and values. That's why we pour our passion and expertise into every piece we create, ensuring that each meets our high standards of excellence. From the precise selection of materials to the fine-tuning of designs, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to deliver products that meet and exceed your expectations. But what truly sets us apart is our dedication to your satisfaction. We believe in building lasting relationships based on trust and delight, so we're always here to listen, adapt, and ensure that your experience with us is phenomenal.

Better Tech


Our Simple Leads app reduces print costs at trade shows by up to 100% while generating a list of segmented leads post-show, reducing marketing costs and environmental impact. Our Green Shows™ hybrid and virtual event platform reduces the need for travel while providing engaging attendee interactions. Better analytics deliver better results with less cost and a lower footprint than traditional in-person-only events.

A laptop with the virtual lobby to the Ten Peaks Innovation Xchange hosted by Green Shows

Let's Talk!

"Communicating with others is one of life’s biggest challenges, whether in the personal or the public domain. When we get it wrong it can prompt frustration, unanticipated failure, or even a permanent falling out. When we get it right, the results are often surprisingly beyond what we planned – escalating buy-in, fostering partnerships and allies, and intensifying that ‘aha’ moment of understanding.  David and Andrea have the uncanny ability to take a key message and merge it with a unique visual focus to make a ‘pitch’ that can be unforgettable. One of many pieces they created, for my past work with the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters, used a light beam to highlight little known facts about interpersonal violence for businessmen at an awareness event. Several years later, a former guest noted that every time he sees that “darn little flashlight” he is reminded of how those facts changed his thinking. I think that comment is a fitting tribute and a perfect example of their invaluable contribution.  Making heartfelt connections, underscoring fresh perspectives, communicating something memorable - that is what David and Andrea do best and what sets their work apart from simply ‘marketing’. I wish them continued success in their work to discover exceptional solutions for their clients.
 Patti McClocklin
(Formerly) Alberta Council Of Women's Shelters  
Do Better Marketing has been incredible to work with over the years. Their customer service is top notch, they offer great support and suggestions, are accommodating and provide fantastic options for merchandise. Highly recommend!
Edmonton Folk Music Festival 
"One item of note that was significant to our company was a program that Dave initiated. It was an accident prevention measure that took our total recordable on site vehicle incidents from well over a dozen to 0 in its first year. The direct repair savings exceeded $50,000, however the indirect savings due to less investigations, lost productivity and credibility with clients would far exceed $250,000. This trend brought our total recordable incident frequency (TRIF) well below industry standards which has given us an advantage over our direct peers in the challenging marketplace that is Alberta’s current oil industry. We have enjoying stable workload during these hard economic times and are seeing future opportunities still coming forward. We attribute this to better efficiencies and high productivity that programs like these create"
 Clint Weir
VP of Projects at Big Country Energy Services  

We know you have plenty of choices for a branded merch or event marketing partner. So, what makes us so different? Everything we do is about reducing waste for your budget and our planet. We have 30+ years of experience helping Edmonton and small businesses, festivals, and causes reach their marketing goals. We leveraged our unique t-shirt designs to save a 65,000-acre forest and recruit 180 retail stores nationwide to the cause. Since then, we have been helping people like you reduce marketing waste, increase sales, recruit employees, inspire social and environmental action, and so much more.

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