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24 January 2022

Don't Ban Promotional Products, Ban Lazy Marketing!

The Problem with Lazy Marketing


Lazy marketing involves simply slapping logos onto generic items without considering the intended message or target audience. These items are then given away with the expectation of results without any strategic plan. This often leads to disappointing outcomes and a waste of resources. When branded merchandise is not given enough thought, it often becomes trinkets and trash, contributing to environmental pollution.

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Planning to Reduce Waste 


Targeting the right audience to reduce waste and make the most of your promotional merchandise is essential. Please don't hand out swag to everyone without considering their potential as a customer. Instead, research to understand your audience better, set specific goals, and develop an engagement strategy that aligns with your brand narrative. Make sure to only give out swag on the condition of taking action and accurately measure the response to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Avoid wasting resources on incomplete or ineffective strategies.

Strategic Swag Selection


It's essential to select swag that aligns with your brand and company values. Keep in mind your target audience and the purpose of the swag. Pick items your audience will connect with and integrate them with a story. Choosing the right product will remind recipients of your brand's story and the emotions it evokes, which can strengthen brand loyalty.

The Power of Promotional Products Done Right


Promotional products (swag), done right, can be a game-changer. Swag offers a unique sensory experience unmatched by other media forms. It allows your audience to physically interact with your brand, creating lasting impressions and driving engagement. By investing time and effort into strategic swag selection, you can maximize its impact on your target audience.

Sustainable promotion printed on an unbleached cotton t-shirt, with a post consumer recycled explainer card and a custom branded corn cellulose pen.

Make Receipt of Promotional Products Conditional


To attract interested prospects, make receiving swag conditional on specific actions like signing up for an email list or completing a short survey before they receive their swag. Using this approach, you can ensure that you engage with people interested in your products or services, increasing the chance of converting them into loyal customers.

Measuring Swag Effectiveness


Remember to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Track metrics like website traffic, social media mentions, or customer surveys to gauge the impact of your promotional merchandise. Implement unique coupon codes or tracking URLs to gain insights into conversion rates and return on investment. Continually evaluate and refine your swag initiatives to ensure they yield positive results.

Swag as a Tool for Engagement and Brand Loyalty


Swag can serve a greater purpose than just being a giveaway item. You can engage your audience on a deeper level by incorporating it into interactive experiences or campaigns. Hosting contests or giveaways that require participation provides opportunities for face-to-face interactions with potential customers. You can build stronger brand loyalty by integrating swag into the overall experience.

Custom branded promotional product (swag) chocolate bar promoting our SimpleLeads app

In conclusion, don't ban swag; ban lazy marketing. Promotional products can be a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness, engaging customers, and fostering loyalty. To achieve this, we should prioritize reducing waste through better planning, carefully selecting our show incentives, strategically incorporating promotional products into interactive experiences, measuring their impact, and prioritizing environmental concerns. Through better planning, we create less waste and more sustainable profits, leading to events that become sustainable for our planet and your budget.

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Addressing Environmental Concerns


While swag can be a powerful marketing tool, addressing its environmental concerns is crucial. Adopt sustainable practices like using recycled materials when creating promotional items. Opt for durable items that recipients can use for an extended period, reducing waste. Also, consider promoting eco-friendly alternatives such as virtual forests where recipients can plant trees using tree codes provided instead of receiving cheap plastic swag.

Our virtual forest allows you to offer planting trees as an alternative to plastic swag. Recipients can dedicate their trees in our virtual forest.
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