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17 January 2024

The Best Virtual Events Platforms Make a Difference

What is a Virtual Events Platform?


Why do you need a virtual events platform to host your next event?

A virtual event platform is an online platform that allows users to host virtual events, such as trade shows, conferences, and online parties. This comprehensive tool can help you manage multiple aspects of your event, such as registration, live streaming, chatting, and viewing sessions.

One of the most significant advantages of a virtual event platform is that events can be hosted virtually anywhere, anytime, giving event planners and attendees flexibility. And, as the world becomes more eco-conscious, technological advancements in event tech are focusing on sustainability with the development of sustainable virtual event platforms.

What are the best online events platforms to host events in 2023?

Regarding hosting virtual events, there are various options on the market. Some of the top virtual event platforms for hosting events in 2023 include all-in-one virtual event platforms. One is Hopin, an immersive events platform that offers networking opportunities, gamification, and video capabilities. Or GreenShows™, the carbon-neutral events platform with similar features, also carbon-offsets, plants trees and offers trees as booth incentives. Non-profits and environmental organizations love GreenShows™.

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Additionally, we provide a free networking feature that connects like-minded individuals and businesses in the green economy. This feature fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing, making working together easier towards a more sustainable future.

Why Choose a Sustainable Virtual Events Platform?


What is regenerative marketing, and how does it relate to virtual events?

Regenerative marketing refers to using businesses to contribute positively to society and the environment. It's about promoting sustainability and social responsibility.

Choosing a sustainable virtual event platform, such as GreenShows™, means you are responsible for reducing your carbon footprint and doing your part to host responsible events. This is where regenerative marketing comes into the picture - GreenShows™ offsets electricity and plants trees to make events regenerative for our environment. 

What are carbon offsets, and how can they help make your virtual events carbon-neutral?

Carbon offsets are projects that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions to compensate for other emissions or carbon emissions. They are designed to fight climate change.

A sustainable virtual event platform can help make your event carbon-neutral by offering carbon offsets, which can be purchased to help offset the environmental impact of your event. GreenShows™ offsets server electricity by 1kg /hour/ person of video served.

How do virtual events platforms help reduce greenhouse gas emissions? 

Virtual event platforms have the amazing ability to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in more ways than one. First and foremost, they eliminate the need for travel. Instead of thousands of people flying or driving to a single location, participants can engage with the event from their homes or offices. This drastically reduces the carbon footprint of the event by minimizing transportation-related emissions. Additionally, virtual events reduce the freight needed to move equipment and goods to the event venue, such as food, promotional materials, and signage. This reduction in freight helps to reduce the overall emissions of the event even further. Virtual events also create less waste since physical products and materials are unnecessary. Since printed marketing materials are unneeded, virtual events also reduce deforestation rates and preserve ecosystems. 

The Virtual Events Platform That Helps Make a Difference


At GreenShows™, we prioritize the well-being of our environment. To minimize our carbon footprint, we offset server electricity. Moreover, for every virtual booth we create, we plant five trees. Our platform also offers trees as incentives, gifts, and rewards within the ecosystem.

Greenshows hybrid and virtual events platform accessed on a laptop

What are some examples of sustainable virtual events?

Some examples of sustainable virtual events include conferences, trade shows, rep tabletop shows, volunteer parties, networking, and awards shows.


Tools for Hosting Your Virtual Events


What features for your virtual events can make it interactive and engaging?

The key features of virtual event platforms that drive engagement include live streaming sessions, on-demand sessions, replays, networking tables, gamification, interactive chat, polls, surveys, exhibitor booths, and advanced analytics. These features can create an engaging and memorable virtual event experience.

How can you give back while hosting a virtual event?

Giving back while hosting a virtual event can be achieved in various ways. For example, GreenShows™ offers opportunities to plant trees or make donations to non-profits while registering for an event. Additionally, attendees can be encouraged to donate to a sustainable cause or participate in volunteer work related to sustainability efforts.

What are some tips for hosting a successful virtual event using a platform that helps you manage your needs?

Hosting a successful virtual event using a platform that helps manage your needs requires proper planning and organization. Some tips include developing a clear agenda and schedule for the event, promoting your speakers and sessions in advance, and actively engaging your attendees during the event. It's also essential to leverage the features and tools available on your chosen platform to create an engaging and unique experience for your virtual event attendees.


Hybrid Events: Beyond Virtual


What is a hybrid event, and how does it differ from a virtual event?

A hybrid event combines both virtual and in-person components. It offers the best of both worlds, allowing attendees to participate from virtually anywhere while still giving the option for in-person engagement. Hybrid events provide opportunities to connect with larger audiences and promote more engagement. GreenShows™ is a hybrid platform that empowers connection between in-person and virtual attendees. 

What are some tools that can help you manage a hybrid event which combines virtual and in-person components?

Tools that can help you manage a hybrid event include virtual event tools, such as online registration and live streaming sessions, in-person tools, such as event apps, and remote communication tools, such as video conferencing software. All these tools help seamlessly integrate your hybrid event's virtual and in-person components.

How can hybrid events help you reach a larger audience and create a memorable event experience for attendees?

Hybrid events help to increase your attendee pool and create a memorable event experience by providing more accessibility to attend, a greater variety of engagement options, and networking opportunities. For example, attendees who cannot attend in person can still participate virtually, and those who do attend in person can connect with virtual attendees through the interactive features on the platform. This can also help to promote sustainability by reducing travel emissions.

Consider choosing a sustainable virtual event platform and incorporating hybrid components when planning your next event. By doing so, you can make a difference and host an event experience that attendees will remember for years.

Conferencing Platform Features for Sustainability


How can a virtual conference platform host youth events that focus on environmental issues?

Our virtual event platform empowers and educates the younger generation to take action on environmental issues by hosting youth conferences. These conferences can feature interactive and engaging sessions, keynote speakers, and an online space to connect with others interested in the cause. This is a great way to promote sustainability and make a difference for future generations.

The 10PIX innovation Xchange virtual lobby hosted by GreenShows hybrid and virtual events  platform displaying on a laptop

Who are Some of Your Customers?


We have had the pleasure of hosting a variety of virtual and hybrid events for:

• 10PIX Conference

• United Way

• Alberta Emerald Foundation

• Edmonton Folk Music Festival

• Battle River Watershed Alliance

• Partners For Saskatchewan River Basin

• Wild West Shows

• and many more


What makes GreenShows™ one of the best virtual events platforms?


GreenShows™ boasts various features and tools to make virtual events interactive and engaging. It offers customizable event branding and registration pages, interactive virtual sessions, live chat and Q&A capabilities, and extensive analytics and reporting options. But most of all, we are sustainable and focus on working with organizations making a difference. We think they deserve an advantage and do what we can to give it to them. We also believe in creating a warm human event experience for your attendees.


Can I use GreenShows™ to host virtual conferences?


Absolutely. As a leading virtual and hybrid event platform, GreenShows™ caters to all types of virtual events, including conferences and trade shows. It offers customizable agendas, virtual booths, lead retrieval, and exhibitor management tools. Best of all, our events come with a professional host and full event tech support.


What kind of event technology does GreenShows™ provide?


GreenShows™ provides various tools and features for virtual events, including virtual event software and event management platforms. Within the platform, event organizers have access to end-to-end event management solutions, interactive virtual sessions, custom branding, registration and ticketing, and comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities. And we will build it all out for you, so all you need to do is plan, not worry about the technology.


What are the key features of a virtual events solution?


An effective virtual event solution should provide customizable branding and registration pages, interactive virtual sessions, live chat and Q&A capabilities, lead retrieval, exhibitor management tools, and comprehensive analytics and reporting options. GreenShows™ offers all these features and more.


Does GreenShows™ offer any tools for virtual events planning?


Yes. GreenShows™ offers a range of virtual event planning tools, including agenda building and time zone management, speaker and session management, sponsorship and exhibitor management, and custom registration and ticketing.


What should I look for in an incredible virtual events platform?


Look for a virtual event platform that offers tools and features for customization and branding, interactivity and engagement, lead generation and management, analytics and reporting, and comprehensive support and training. GreenShows™ is designed to meet all of these needs and sustainability!


Book a Demo


If you are making a positive difference in your community, in the lives of others, and in our environment, we want to help! Book a demo to see our hybrid and virtual events features for your next virtual event. For in-person events, check out our SimpleLeads™ paperless event app that reduces brochure and catalogue waste while providing better-segmented leads at the end of each show. Or, join one of our upcoming free GreenMeets™ networking sessions dedicated to connecting the green economy.

What is GreenShows™ & How Did You Start?


GreenShows™ is a virtual events platform that empowers events that make a difference. We started building the platform the day we went into quarantine in 2020 after learning so many of our customers had no way to connect. Like everything we do, sustainability has to be baked in. So we carbon offset server electricity, plant trees for every booth we build and offer trees as gifts, incentives and awards. We are a full-featured virtual and hybrid event solution. We love connecting the sustainability world, empowering youth in sustainability and hosting non-profit events. 

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The Benefits of Virtual Events For Your Budget & Our Planet

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