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Effective marketing needs a destination. Our first goal was to save a forest, and we did. There is now a park there.  

Goals can be as lofty as changing your industry, as precise as a 10% increase in sales, or as incremental as five new qualified leads at your next trade show. What are your immediate, medium-term and long-term goals? We must have clear goals in order to know if we've reached them. The more specific and realistic, the better.

Do You See Your Goal Below?

Making Your Key Messages Stick

When you need your message to stick in the minds of your audience you need to frame it in a way they will remember. Sometimes it's changing their perspective, sometimes it's moving the abstract to the concrete. The better someone understands and remembers your message, the more likely they are to take action on it.

An example we like to use is when Good Growing Edmonton approached us to get the message across to citizens to conserve water by turning off their sprinklers after watering their lawns about 1.5 cm. This is an abstract concept. Who knows how long it takes to water a lawn 1.5cm? Different sprinklers have different flow rate and radiuses.  

So, we came up with a simple idea. We printed instructions on a 1.5" deep flying disk. When the disk was full, it was time to stop watering. The water conservation message was easy to understand and easy to implement. The bonus? After watering their lawns people could play with the messenger. 

Attracting Qualified Leads

Leads are not all equal and attention does not always equate to leads.  

Just because someone comes to your booth at an event does not mean they are a lead. They may just be a freebie-seeker.  

Handing out shiny things at an event may get attention but probably not from the right people. You want people who have a need for your products and services, a connection to your brand, and the ability to pay what you are asking. What you want are qualified leads.

 It takes strategy and process to ensure you attract qualified leads, instead of freebie-seekers. With our SimpleLeads™ smart-funnels you can attract leads from places you may never have considered, and they will qualify themselves before they even reach out to you. Better yet, they can help you prove which lead-sources are generating the greatest number of qualified leads so you can focus your marketing budget where it is most effective.  

That means more time to spend in your business instead of chasing time vampire and energy suckers. 

Standing Apart from the Crowd

Differentiation is key to getting your key messages through the clutter and standing out in a sea of competition.  

Brand, strategy and framing are your most powerful tools. But beware! Brand is not your logo or visual identity. It is not your website or your colors.

Your brand is the movie that plays in people's heads, and the feelings associated with that movie, every time they hear your name. Branding is your attempt to positively influence that movie so it makes a memorable and lasting impact.  

Our process was created to find the beating heart in your brand and express it so it connects with the beating hearts of your audience.  

After all, it is hearts that open wallets, move hands and feet to action, and open mouths to share your magic with others.  

Attracting High Value Clients

High value individuals, from a marketing standpoint, are those who can make a significant impact to the success of your project or enterprise. They may be a new prized client, a senior staff member you are trying to recruit, or a large donor.  

Typically, they are inundated by thousands of messages competing for their attention every day, and they have developed amazing triage skills to determine what they need to pay attention to. They also have an implicit understanding of opportunity cost. They need to see immediate value. If you waste their time, you probably will not be given a second chance.  

This is where well researched Dimensional Advertising™ pieces shine. They break through the clutter, make an immediate connection, prove value and give them a next easy step to take action.  

We have found them effective in recruiting, new account acquisition and fund raising. 

Recruiting Talent

The competition for skilled talent is fierce! Headhunters charge a fortune and are often a gamble.  

Empathizing with the individuals you are trying to recruit has been our most powerful magic. Understanding what they need to make a life changing decision and enabling them with the resources to make it, sets our clients apart.

Paul Ruffell CEO at EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd. says:  

We were headed to the UK to try to recruit talented staff and sell them on a new life in Canada. However, we were going with our competition, who were also going to try to hire these same folks. David's solution? A focused marketing effort that played to the move that our potential employees would have to make: A leather travel case packed with Canadian stuff. It was expensive!! But it left the potential employees with a massively great impression about who they were talking to - a company that was serious about moving them across an ocean that cared about quality.  

Our competition brought hats.  

We hired three senior staff on that trip: Our goal was one.  

Motivating Your Team

Keeping a team motivated and on track takes an inspiring vision, incentives, rewards and recognition. The vision engages your team in something greater than themselves. Incentives and rewards keep members engaged and inspired. Recognition identifies and rewards natural talents and emerging leaders.

Incremental goal setting is key, as is empowerment and enabling individuals with the resources they need to be successful and stay inspired.  

Reminding your team of the bigger picture and WHY it matters is fundamental. 

Funding Your Cause 

Changing the world takes the support of others. It may be through direct action, sharing your message or funding your cause. Yet there is so much competition to reach and engage the limited pool of people who can help you make a difference.  

Your message needs to stand out, be memorable and be actionable.

Inspiring Social Change

Part of changing our world is inspiring others to make fundamental changes in their habits and behavior. The common mistake many make is preaching a message or using shame to change habits. It doesn't work.  

The message and the program need to be easy, actionable and if possible- entertaining.  

Actions steps must be simple and easy to understand. They must be framed within the larger goal. Resources must enable action. Rewards and incentives are key.

We are masters at this one. From creating a national campaign that resulted in a provincial park in B.C., to raising the profile of the global amphibian crisis, to Edmonton's Localmotion project, to the Crawford Creek Regional Park project... we are all over making a difference. The best part is that we have 25+ year's experience becoming experts. 

Recognizing Your Champs

Recognizing and saying thank-you to those who make a difference is just the right thing to do. It not only keeps your team inspired. It creates that strong emotional attachment to your brand because you are doing the human thing. You are giving back and thanking those who helped in your success. 

The best recognition is something that can't be bought for any price. This what we call premiums. They are specifically created for a brand and the only way to receive one is to earn it.  

Premiums make great speaker gifts, rewards for team members, distributors and key fund raisers.

Reducing Accident Incidents

Safety awareness is paramount! Accidents can be devastating on a human level, but they also express themselves in increased insurance costs and the ability to win contracts.  

Sometimes the simplest, most elegant solutions are the best:  

Clint Weir VP of Projects at Big Country Energy Services  


"One item of note that was significant to our company was a program that Dave initiated. It was an accident prevention measure that took our total recordable on-site vehicle incidents from well over a dozen to 0 in its first year. The direct repair savings exceeded $50,000, however the indirect savings due to less investigations, lost productivity and credibility with clients would far exceed $250,000. This trend brought our total recordable incident frequency (TRIF) well below industry standards which has given us an advantage over our direct peers in the challenging marketplace that is Alberta’s current oil industry. We have enjoying stable workload during these hard economic times and are seeing future opportunities still coming forward. We attribute this to better efficiencies and high productivity that programs like these create" 

Monetizing Your Brand

Your brand is your most valuable asset and sometimes it alone becomes a revenue stream. When you have raving fans, your brand becomes part of how they express their personalities. Many brands then make the decision to create merchandise for sale.

We work with many festivals and attractions to increase revenue streams through the sale of branded merch.  

We even won a national award for the results we created for one. 

Attracting Investors

Attracting investors is not as easy as clever slogans. Branding to attract investment is an entirely different animal than branding for the marketplace.  

Of course, core values will remain but investors are looking for an entirely different outcome than are your clients or employees.

Waiting to invest in branding until you're ready to go to market is leaving money on the table and failing to monetize the potential value of your brand.

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