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We are so excited to announce our partnership with Wearth® to Plant Trees With Every Order 

You already know that every time you use our apps, you save trees. Now, with our new partnership with our friends at Wearth®, we can plant trees as incentives and rewards. 


GreenTexts™ and GreenClicks™ both save money and trees. Now you can incentivize people to use your app by planting a tree for every three, five or 10 people who use the apps to receive digital downloads instead of print.*

Referral Rewards  

For every t-shirt or promotional product order we will plant a tree, plus every time you refer someone who buys our apps we plant trees**

*additional costs apply for tree purchases

**a minimum of 10 trees will be planted for every referral purchase, up to 50 trees for premium app purchases.

You Can Check Out Our Virtual Forest Here