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The CSRT Marketing Model for a Five-Year-Old

By David Betke

Imagine our Earth is like a big, beautiful garden. Sometimes, people don’t take care of this garden very well. They use too much water, cut down lots of trees, and leave litter everywhere. This harms our Earth, just like it would harm a garden.

Some companies say they’re helping the Earth by being “green” but don’t really change their ways. This is like saying you’ll water the garden but never really do it. Others try to fix parts of the Earth that are hurt, but this doesn’t stop us from using too much stuff and hurting it again.

Imagine you’re a little gardener, and your garden is our Earth. Now, there’s a fun way for big companies to help care for our garden, just like you would with your flowers and plants. It’s like a special game called CPR (Conserve, Preserve, Restore & Thrive).

CSRT is like a four-part plan to help the Earth:

  • Conserve: like using less water and making less litter.
  • Sustain: like using stuff that’s good for the Earth and treating people nicely.
  • Restore: like fixing hurt parts of the Earth and making the world better.
  • Thrive: like getting more customers and happier workers because you are helping people and the earth.

By following this plan, companies can make more money while helping the Earth and its people. This means a better world for us when we grow up!

There are four important parts to the CSRT plan:

By planning better you use and waste less resources

1 Conserve With Better Planning

This means companies should think carefully about what they do. Imagine if you wanted to draw a picture but didn’t think about it first. You might waste lots of paper trying to get it right. But if you plan your picture first, you use less paper. This is better for the trees!

For example, companies print billions of pages for business catalogues every year. This uses lots of trees, water, and energy. But if they plan better, they can waste less and help our Earth.

2 Sustain With Better Buying

This means companies should choose their stuff wisely. Let’s say you’re picking apples from a tree. You want to choose the apples that are good for you and don't harm the tree. In the same way, companies should choose suppliers who are kind to the Earth and treat people nicely.

This can also mean using stuff that can be used again or using energy from the sun or wind.

Earth holding a sign "Say No to Plastic Bags"
Kids planting a tree

3 Restore By Giving Back

This means companies should help fix the Earth and its communities. Imagine if you accidentally broke a friend’s toy. You would want to help fix it, right? In the same way, companies should help fix parts of the Earth that are hurt.

They could work with groups that help people or the Earth. They could also fund projects to plant more trees or use cleaner energy.

4 Thrive With Better Outcomes

This means that companies can also do better by following the CPR plan! People like and support companies that take care of our Earth. So, they might buy more from these companies and tell their friends about them too. This helps companies make more money!

Also, people might want to work for these companies because they care about the Earth. Happy workers can do their jobs better.

Companies also save money because they waste less and avoid problems with breaking rules about taking care of the Earth.

Dollar sign made from leaves
a healthier planet


By following the CSRT plan, companies can help make a greener and healthier world for us when we grow up. They can also do better themselves. Here’s to a brighter future, with companies helping to care for our big, beautiful garden - the Earth!

About The Author

David Betke has dedicated his career to helping brands that give back, make a bigger difference. His campaigns have helped save a 65 000-acre forest forever, reduced carbon emissions in a city measurably, and helped recruit three senior engineers during the height of a labor crisis. One even generated a 6000% return within six months and attracted a couple of great customers for life. David has been personally recognized with seven national marketing awards.