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Capture, qualify and nurture leads from every trade show and event, whether you are there or not. If you are like most organizations you use swag to attract people at trade shows and events. Unfortunately, you don't know if you are attracting your ideal audience or just people who want free things. And you have no idea how many of these people will lead to actions, sales and hires. Your marketing budget is under pressure to produce and you need to prove that as many dollars as possible are leading to actions you can measure. Don't worry, your solution is here. Our smart pages and automated campaign funnels capture qualify and nurture leads at all of your trade shows and events. Best of all, they are stand-alone. We know how hard it is to change anything on your main website. It's close to impossible to put up a lead capture form, never-mind a squeeze page for each show, media source of campaign. Imagine being able to do all of this easily without involving IT, and being able to change your smart page on the fly as you learn how people interact with it. Well now you can.... and we'll even host it for you.  

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