Brand Is Everything! 
2-hour Introductory Workshop

Struggling with competition? Thinking of taking your business to the next stage...perhaps online? 

Focus on your brand first. Your brand will determine who will buy from you, how much they will pay, how soon they will trust you, and how long they will stay. 
In this 2 hour introductory, branding veteran David Betke will dispel some of the misconceptions around brand, show you how brand fits into your marketing and introduce you to the process of creating your own unique brand.

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Brand Is Everything

How it's Delivered:
This is an in-person interactive workshop

Minimum Group Size:
10 individuals

Maximum Group Size:
30, if being presented for an industry association or single organization

780 474-6563, or e-mail

From Lost to Loving the Brand You Are In
8 Week Guided Series

This is an 8-week series of guided workshops that takes you step by step through the process we use to identify the beating heart of your business and infuse it into the beating heart of your brand. At the end we hope you will be crystal clear about your audience, your difference and your advantage so you can confidently connect with the people who are most suited to you. 

Your brand will be different from all the others because yours will have your own beating heart.

How It's Delivered:
Presently it is on site (but we are working towards an online version). The optimal group size is between 6 and 10 individual business owners.

Minimum Group Size:

Maximum Group Size:

780 474-6563, or e-mail