Prove Where Your Highest Converting Leads are Coming From  

Our SimpleLeads™ smart-pages help you identify your most productive marketing channels and follow leads through to bankable actions so you can prove which channels are working and which you should stop throwing money at, now.

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“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.” - John Wanamaker

Attract & Qualify Leads from More Places

Your custom SimpleLeads™ smart-page  

Attract more leads from any event or channel to where visitors will be identified, then qualified as sales, recruitment or advocate leads.

Automatically Segment Leads by Source & Interest 

Each lead is given a set of tags, identifying their lead source and stated interests. 

This allows us to segment them so they only receive relevant content while we nurture them to prospects.

Prove Your Best Lead Sources  

Leads can be followed through until they take a bankable action, proving which lead sources are generating the best converting leads for each of your stated goals.  

The result is a clearer picture on which sources and channels you should focus your budget, on and which ones to stop wasting money on as soon as possible.

Nurture Leads Until They Are Ready to Act

Relevant content keeps them engaged even while you return to your busy day to day after an event. 

Sales leads are forwarded to sales. recruitment leads are forwarded to HR, and advocate leads are forwarded to marketing.