Reduce Accident Incidents

Safety awareness is paramount! Accidents can be devastating on a human level, but they also express themselves in increased insurance costs and the ability to win contracts.

Sometimes the simplest, most elegant solutions are the best:

Clint Weir
VP of Projects at Big Country Energy Services 


"One item of note that was significant to our company was a program that Dave initiated. It was an accident prevention measure that took our total recordable on-site vehicle incidents from well over a dozen to 0 in its first year. The direct repair savings exceeded $50,000, however the indirect savings due to less investigations, lost productivity and credibility with clients would far exceed $250,000. This trend brought our total recordable incident frequency (TRIF) well below industry standards which has given us an advantage over our direct peers in the challenging marketplace that is Alberta’s current oil industry. We have enjoying stable workload during these hard economic times and are seeing future opportunities still coming forward. We attribute this to better efficiencies and high productivity that programs like these create"

Need help getting your safety messages to stick?