Recruit Talent

The competition for skilled talent is fierce! Headhunters charge a fortune and are often a gamble. 

Empathizing with the individuals you are trying to recruit has been our most powerful magic. Understanding what they need to make a life changing decision and enabling them with the resources to make it, sets our clients apart.

Paul Ruffell 
Vice President Canadian Programs at Tetra Tech says:

"As CEO of a consulting engineering company, I had seen us for years give away marketing materials for seemingly little real return. It was frustrating to see resources being literally thrown away. There had to be a better way. I first got involved with David because he was driving our marketing staff crazy. We were just trying to buy stuff and he was asking us why we were buying it and what outcomes we were expecting. Outcomes? What did he mean? We just gave it away because everyone else gave it away. 

 I came to realize that, unwittingly, I had found an answer to my frustration. David taught us that every give away was actually an opportunity to get something back and we had better figure out what we wanted. He didn't give up and we came to understand the power of real marketing. 

 A powerful example. We were headed to the UK to try to recruit talented staff and sell them on a new life in Canada. However, we were going with our competition, who were also going to try to hire these same folks. David's solution? A focused marketing effort that played to the move that our potential employees would have to make: A leather travel case packed with Canadian stuff. It was expensive!! But it left the potential employees with a massively great impression about who they were talking to - a company that was serious about moving them across an ocean that cared about quality. 

Our competition brought hats. 

We hired three senior staff on that trip: Our goal was one. 

 I would strongly recommend David to you if you worry about your marketing budget. I guarantee he will change your perspective on those "throw away" costs. I have found the more freedom you give him, the more you will get. Your costs will actually go up. But you will find that each give-away leads to sales leads. Or potential recruits. Or something you had not planned. But it will be good." 

Need help differentiating your business in the recruiting game?