Make Key Messages Stick

When you need your message to stick in the minds of your audience you need to frame it in a way they will remember. Sometimes it's changing their perspective, sometimes it's moving the abstract to the concrete. 
The better someone understands and remembers your message, the more likely they are to take action on it.

An example we like to use is when Good Growing Edmonton approached us to get the message across to citizens to conserve water buy turning off their sprinklers after watering their lawns about 1.5 cm. This is an abstract concept. Who knows how long it takes to water a lawn 1.5cm? Different sprinklers have different flow rate and radiuses. 

So, we came up with a simple idea, we printed instructions on a 1.5" deep flying disk. When the disk was full, it was time to stop watering. The water conservation message was easy to understand and easy to implement.

Need help getting your key messages to stick?