Hosted Event Funnels

We get so frustrated seeing so many of you spending your money on the newest shiny thing, giving it away, attracting lots of attention, and then getting no business from it. Many of you donate amazing swag to a client’s golf tournament or community silent auction but squander the marketing opportunity.


Our hosted marketing funnels are disrupting the promotional products industry. Why buy swag from a product peddler, or online (no matter how much you save) when you can’t tie it directly to results?

Our unique process not only measures how many qualified leads you attract with your swag, but it follows them through the journey to actions, sales and hires. Now you can know what is working, which traffic sources are working best, and which shows are generating the highest quality leads so you can reduce your spend in areas that are grey and focus it where you are getting results.

What's even better is that the process is not limited to swag. Now you can measure all of your marketing channels by pointing individuals to a separate hosted page for each event or marketing channel.