Engage High Value Individuals

High value individuals, from a marketing standpoint are, are those who can make a significant impact to the success of your project or enterprise. They may be a new prized client, a senior staff member you are trying to recruit, or a large donor.

Typically, they are inundated by thousands of messages competing for their attention every day, and they have developed amazing triage skills to determine what they need to pay attention to. They also have an implicit understanding of opportunity cost. They need to see immediate value. If you waste their time, you probably will not be given a second chance.

This is where well researched Dimensional Advertising™ pieces shine. They break through the clutter, make an immediate connection, prove value and give them a next easy step to take action.

We have found them effective in recruiting, new account acquisition and fund raising.

Who do you need to reach and engage with your message?