Our difference is in our compassion, our words and our process.

Our Compassion

We see brands as living beings. Some are are warm and welcoming but many are better at scaring their customers into the arms of their competition. Even people with warm hearts and the best intentions can create cold lifeless brands because they get caught up in their own heads instead of inside their customer's hearts, where their brand lives. 

We see you as a partner, not a customer. It is who you are trying to reach that is our customer. They are the one's we need to move to help you reach your goals. Empathy and compassion for their journey is what makes our marketing so powerful. more>

Our Story

In 1990 one of last great stands of Canada’s temperate interior rainforest, outside of Nelson B.C., was slated to be clearcut logged. It would create a few jobs for a few years. A large part of the community turned up to block the road. 

David decided to put his talents instead towards creating a satirical line of t shirts and using them to raise awareness and support both a petition drive and letter writing campaign.

He travelled across Canada more than a dozen times visiting universities, gathering signatures and promoting a letter writing campaign. more>

What You Are Saying Means So Much More Than We Could Ever Say

"As CEO of an engineering consulting engineering company, I had seen us for years give away marketing materials for seemingly little real return. It was frustrating to see resources being literally thrown away. There had to be a better way. I first got involved with David because he was driving our marketing staff crazy. We were just trying to buy stuff and he was asking us why we were buying it and what outcomes we were expecting. Outcomes? What did he mean? We just gave it away because everyone else gave it away. more>

Your Wins/ Our Awards

Edmonton Folk Music Festival



To maximize revenue merchandising a major music festival.


Involved targeting three key demographics. 


Merchandise sales increase by as much as 300% in some categories.

PPPC National Marketing Award: Gold