Invest In Process Before Wasting Money On Attention

You hear it over and over again: the definition of madness is repeating the same behavior over and over and expecting different results. Yet the following is what I witness pretty much every day.

I see solo entrepreneurs, non profits, local governments and even $30+ million dollar/year businesses caught up in the attention phase of marketing. They continually spend their marketing dollars trying to attract traffic and attention yet they have little or no process to convert that attention to actions, sales, or hires. So, inevitably nothing happens, they conclude that the tactic they spent money on doesn't work and throw money at something else to attract more attention. The same thing happens, they conclude that tactic doesn't work so they continue the search for a new shiny thing.

The reality is, traffic and attention mean nothing until you have something engaging to drive your audience to - and a reason for them to take a meaningful action. Unfortunately this logical step is so often completely glossed over. Perhaps it is because the endorphin rush of getting attention is so addictive. However the hangover you get from all that empty attention is a killer, not to mention looking at your wallet the morning after.

Consider this scenario:
You just paid for a Facebook ad, a 1/2 page in a targeted trade publication, or are exhibiting at a new trade show. 

Now the real work begins! 
Or actually should have been done before this. Now you have to stand out from everyone else who purchased attention from that same source, then make a human connection between those readers... and your story or brand.

If your sales copy fails to connect, your booth looks like a child's lemon-aid stand, or your web page looks like it was created by your 4 year old nephew with finger paint... they will avoid you like the plague.


Good marketing turns attention into human connection.

If their first impression is good that initial connection will only earn you a momentary place in your the hearts and minds of your audience until they turn the page, click away, walk down another aisle, or see another squirrel.

You must leverage that first impression into sustained engagement.

You begin by getting 
qualified individuals to:
1- Express true interest in your product or service
2- Decide that your offer is the best solution for them
3- Actually do something about it

This takes process!

Yet the sad fact is that many people skip the connection and process parts, and continue to fall for the pitches of those who only sell attention.

You see something new and shiny like swag, video, content or the next social media shiny thing. You think this will be the magic pill and you continue with the false hope that merely standing out is enough to get people to DO. So you get out your credit card, pay for more attention, and again very little happens. You either jump to the conclusion that this particular form of attention does not work, or that there is something fundamentally wrong with you, your products or services. 

You feel bad and look for more attention to make you feel better ... and the loop continues.

Meanwhile the only one getting rich is the one who is selling you the attention.

If you have had enough, you want off the hamster wheel, and you're exhausted with throwing more money into the black hole of attention, I hope the following helps.

Make this your mantra:

Attention Is Not Sales!

Before you start planning for your next trade show, your next print ad, video or content piece please consider carefully:

 • What your primary goal is? State it in writing. Be as specific as possible.

• Who do you need to reach and recruit to help you attain your goal? Be as clear as possible with your audience profile.

• How are you going to make an immediate human connection with them, and then continue that connection. Hint: Compassion will win the day.

Once you DO earn that connection, ask yourself:

• What do you ultimately want them to do? What is the big picture goal for them that will help you reach yours?

• What will their first step be? You will rarely find someone who will jump in with both feet after the first contact, so what do you want them to do next?

• How will you keep them engaged until they do something that really counts, like a bankable action? What is your strategy to keep them engaged throughout your funnel so they don’t chase too many other squirrels or jump on to your competition’s bandwagon?

• How will you make their path easier? What can you do to enable their success and remove friction points?

• How much of the process can you scale and automate?

Connection and Action

Connection comes from knowing your audience, speaking to their inner needs, proving your words with your actions, and making it easy for the right people to say yes.

Action comes from having a product or service that serves a specific group of people, a message that truly resonates with those people, and a process that draws them into your orbit - and keeps them happily there until they are ready to say yes.

Only then is it time to start paying for attention.

If you're tired of throwing your money into the black hole of attention and you' ready to embrace process.

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