Are You Building One of These Six Types 
of World Changing Brands?

World changing brands challenge the way we think and do. You are all about improving lives, communities and our natural world. Your ideas are so innovative and your vision is so crystal clear that you effortlessly create publicity. However, turning that publicity into actions, sales and hires is not your strong point. You just need a little help with what you don’t know.

#1 A Leader With a Vision 

You are driven to change the way things are currently done.

You have a unique vision to disrupt your industry and deliver a product or service that has world-changing positive potential. You just need a little help defining your magic and expressing it in words that the average person "gets" right away.

You know who you are.

#2 A Growing Business 

You feel compelled to give back.

To you, corporate social responsibility is a core value not just PR. Your customers and community have done well by you and now it's time to give back. You know that CSR is great for morale, recruitment, and even sales, but more importantly it's just the right thing to do.

We love working with people like you, to make your not-so-conscious competition more invisible.

#3 A Local Government 

You are responsible for social and environmental initiatives. 

You understand that social change involves engaging with your community members compassionately. Your job depends on moving people's behavior in certain directions. You need to do this without judgment and make it as easy as possible for people to work towards change that affects your entire community positively.  

We love getting people to do, to take steps that improve all our lives, and in a deeply compassionate way.

#4 A Non-Profit 

You are dedicated to making a bigger impact.

You are dedicated making a difference in the lives of individuals, communities, or in our natural world. We love causes. It is always a challenge to get your message through to funding fatigued donors and a public with such split attention.

Our processes are deeply compassionate so your marketing will be deeply human. That converts to higher engagement and levels of action.

#5 A Conscious Festival 

You want to increase merchandise revenue.

You would like to sell more merchandise so you can afford even better talent and create a legacy account for the future. You need someone who understands and has deep experience with the opportunities and pitfalls of branded merchandise.  We have a lot of that. 

We'll also help you ethically source and green your merch so, you can really connect with your fans and raise more money for more talent.

#6 A Coach, Consultant or Practioner 

You need help explaining your magic and why someone should choose you.

You need help differentiating yourself from the thousands of others in your field, not to mention the millions of others outside your field who claim to deliver the same transformation as you do. You just need help with the basics of business and marketing. It’s the numbers, the selling and the processes that make you want to run away screaming like your hair is on fire.

You would much rather spend your time creating, healing and inspiring people.